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На этой странице представлены наиболее интересные книги по теме King stephen. Используя различные варианты сортировки посмотрите также наиболее рецензируемые, обсуждаемые или цитируемые книги данной тематики.

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Billy Halleck, prosperous if overweight citizen, happily married, shuddered then turned angrily away. The old woman"s death had been none of his fault. The courts had cleared him. She"d just stumbled in front of his car. Now he simply wanted to forget the whole messy business. Later, when...

Under the Dome


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King"s return to supernatural horror is uncomfortably bulky, formidably complex and irresistibly compelling. When the smalltown of Chester"s Mill, Maine, is surrounded by an invisible force field, the people inside must exert themselves to survive. The situation deteriorates rapidly due...

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon


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'The world has teeth and it could bite you with them anytime it wanted. Trisha McFarland discovered this when she was nine years old. Lost in the woods.'Trisha has only veered a little way off the trail. But in her panic to get back to the path, Trisha takes a turning that leads into the...

Just After Sunset


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"Just after sunset",as darkness grips the imagination, is the time when you feel the unexpected creep into the everyday. As familiar journeys take a different turn, ordinary objects assume extraordinary powers. A blind intruder visits a dying man - and saves his life, with a kiss. A woman...

Different Seasons

A Signet Book , 2008

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"Buy Different Seasons. I promise you"ll enjoy it... He creates people who are so alive, yоu can almost sense them." Minneapolis Star Tribune "The wondrous readability of his work, aswell as the instant sense of communication withhis characters, is what makes King...

The Green Mile

Orion , 2000

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At Cold Mountain Penitentiary, along the lonely stretch of cells known as the Green Mile, condemned killers such as "Billy the Kid" Wharton and the possessed Eduard Delacroix await death strapped in "Old Sparky". But good or evil, innocent or guilty, prisoner or guard, none has...

Издательства, которые наиболее часто выпускают книги по теме King stephen

Здесь представлены издательства, которые наиболее часто выпускают книги, относящиеся к теме King stephen.

A Signet Book
Orion Books, Gollancz
New English Library
Marvel Comics

Популярные авторы, пишущие на тему King stephen

Наиболее популярные авторы, которые наиболее часто встречаются, как авторы книг по теме King stephen. Возможно, произведения этих авторов будут Вам наиболее интересны.

Peter David, Stephen King, Robin Furth
Stephen King

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