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Whatever Happened To Equal Opportunities In Schools?


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Whatever Happened to Equal Opportunities in Schools? is an edited book which makes an important contribution to the current debate about equal opportunities. Today the dominant concern is about boys" achievement but it was not alway thus! Contributors t

School Of Tomorrow


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"I"d rather be in an environment where there"s white people, black people, Asian people; all sorts. In my friendship groups it"s all mixed." - Jendayi"You"ve got to have schools because otherwise you"d be thick." - Alastair"School is...

Postmodernity Second Edition


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"...written with enthusiasm and a commitment to clarity...Lyon shows that the employment of a sociological imagination can add new and unexpected depth to cultural analyses."
Keith Tester, University of Portsmouth

* What does "pos

Psychodynamic Approaches To Sexual Problems


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* How do we currently understand sexual dysfunction?

* How can psychodynamic theories contribute to an understanding of sexual difficulties?

* How can we treat sexual problems psychodynamically?

Counsellors and therapists can

Social Darwinism


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* What is the value of evolutionary thought to social theory - and vice-versa?
* How has human nature evolved and is it realized or constrained by modern society?
* Are there parallels between social evolution and evolution in the natural world?

The Future Of Knowledge Production In The Academy


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* What are the most significant challenges posed by new modes of organizing knowledge production in the academy?

* How are academic-industry partnerships managed?

* What is the future role of the university in the knowledge society?

Gender And The Restructured University


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* How are higher education institutions repositioning themselves to meet the demands of the global knowledge economy?
* How has the restructuring of universities impacted upon their framework, practices and academics, and what has been the gendered n

Teaching Design And Technology


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"....this book deserves a wide readership. Practising teachers should find plenty to interest them. It looks like a clear favourite for the reading lists of students on initial teacher training courses.." - Design and Technology Teaching

"This bo

Failing Students In Higher Education


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Failing Students in Higher Education explores failure from different vantage points: its social and political context; its implications for teachers and learners; and the practices and procedures of the assessment, support and administrative systems sur

Studying Health And Disease


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Why are some individuals and groups within a society more prone to illness than others? How do we know what makes us ill? What can be done to alleviate illness or disability, and how can we be sure that an intervention will work? Biomedical scientists,

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