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Literacy Learning In Early Years


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"A very useful introductory text to literacy development in early childhood. It is clearly written and accessible to the wide range of professionals working with young children as well as to teachers and parents. It will be a valuable text in training a

Understanding Health Economics


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Written specifically to help non-economists involved in managerial decision-making in the NHS, this book guides health care providers towards a better understanding of health economics. Detailing the ways health economics can aid managers in making mor

Challenging Knowledge


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"For far too long, we have waited for a book that recorded the ideas of the modern university. Now, in Gerard Delanty"s new book, we have it. Delanty has faithfully set out the views of the key thinkers and, in the process, has emerged with an idea

Self-Advocacy In The Lives Of People With Learning Difficulties


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* How do people with the label of learning difficulties challenge disabling environments?
* What role can professionals play in supporting such challenges?
* How do self-advocacy groups contribute to disability politics and the development of theo

Can We Teach Children To Be Good?


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After reflecting on the terms "goodness" and "teaching", this book describes and critically examines a number of attempts to define the nature of morality in terms of its form or its content, thereby teasing out the many conflicting views of "moral educ



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* What is the nature of power in society and how can we study it?

* How do some lose and others benefit from the distribution of power?

* Why do some groups always seem to be at an advantage in disputes?

Power provides a refreshing

Good School, Bad School


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* How can one tell a "good" school from a "bad" one?

* How should schools be judged?

* How best might they be improved?

Questions about the quality of schooling have dominated the political agenda for much of the past decade. A

Race And Childbirth


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"Race" and Childbirth explores the experiences of pregnancy and childbirth from the perspectives of two groups of South Asian women in Britain. The women"s personal accounts are examined within the context of the immense diversity which exists within t

Responsive Healthcare


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* How should marketing be carried out by publicly-funded health services?
* How must conventional marketing techniques be altered for this purpose?
* What lessons can be drawn from practical attempts to market healthcare to date?

This compr

Race, Ethnicity And Adoption


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"This important study provides a unique and comprehensive analysis of research into the development of adoption policy and practice regarding black and minority ethnic children in the care of local authorities...I found this book intellectually stimulat

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