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Repositioning Higher Education


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Higher education faces a new century with many contradictions still unresolved. Elitist models of universities coexist with mass higher education in an increasingly divided society. Academic autonomy has been eroded and the creative independence of in

Pensioned Off


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* How did retirement and ways of funding it emerge?
* What are the key issues in relation to retirement and pensions today?
* What are the key issues likely to be in the future?

With a fifth of the United Kingdom"s population retired, and

Local Management Of Schools


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* What is the impact of local management on how schools are managed?

* Are schools now able to use resources more efficiently?

* Has local management improved the quality of teaching and learning in schools?

In Local Management of S

Health In Old Age


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* Why do many older people rate their health as good when "objective" evidence suggests that old age is a time of inevitable decline and disease?

* How do different perspectives on health inform our understanding of health in old age?

* Wh

Changing Services For Older People


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* What are the issues underpinning the trend towards innovation in the community care of older people?

* What is the nature of that innovation: how is it experienced by older people and their carers?

Changing Services for Older People

Charlie - An Unwanted Child?


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"All the while I very much got the impression when I was young that my mother didn"t love me and doesn"t love me. I think of myself as unlovable..."

These are Charlie"s opening words to her potential therapist. Six therapists are given the oppo

Whose Utility?


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An in-depth analysis of the impact of public utility privatization on ordinary consumers. This text traces the history of energy and water privatization and documents the community and consumer sectors" various attempts to influence the structure of pri

Directions In Staff Development


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While universities have been concerned about educating their students, traditionally they have tended to neglect the development of their staff. This is now changing, and this book charts the directions that have been taken and the possibilities for th

The Purchasing Of Health Care By Primary Care Organizations


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Governments in a number of Western countries are attempting to improve the efficiency, appropriateness and equity of their health systems. One of the main ways of doing this is to devolve purchasing responsibility from national and regional to more loca

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