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Inspecting Schools


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During the first half of the 1990s the British government turned inspection into an ambitious instrument of educational policy-making. Initially it encouraged local education authorities to experiment with inspection "in all its forms". Then, growing

Bureaucracy (2Nd Edition)


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Comments on the first edition:

"... a clear and compelling analysis of one of the most pervasive, and also poorly-understood, features of contemporary society"
Teaching Philosophy

"For any student the book is perfect because it both int

Gendering Of Art Education


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This book traces the main gendered themes of modernist art education from the nineteenth century to the present day.

In the period of industrial modernization, art education emphasised the importance of productive modes of creativity in "making a

What Is This Thing Called Science? Third Edition


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Reviews of the previous edition:

"In this academic bestseller - indeed, one of the most widely read books ever written in the history and philosophy of science - Alan Chalmers provides a refreshingly lucid introduction . . . Drawing on illuminat

Challenging Women


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Challenging Women builds upon feminist analyses of psychology to look critically at the assumptions which underlie both psychology and feminism. Drawing upon current feminist research and theory, the authors explore key professional issues in psychology

Troubling Women


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Feminism as a social movement has historically been a force for educational change. However, in this book Jill Blackmore argues that the particular approaches taken by feminist theory towards educational leadership now require reviewing in the ligh

Teachable Moments


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Creative teaching is an art form - aesthetic, intuitive and expressive. The recent proliferation of new educational policies and the related increase in tensions and dilemmas facing schools, combined with the growing demand for a wider range of skills

Women, Work And Pensions


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Population ageing has fuelled interest in pensions and intergenerational equity, leading to privatization of pensions. Yet the gender implications of such policies and the connections between the gender contract and the generational contract remain unex

First Degree


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This book describes the overall pattern of undergraduate courses in the UK and analyzes it in terms of theories of knowledge, the socio-economic context of higher education and models of student development, ending with a chapter on current policies. Th



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This book is about change. It is about the effect of changes in the criminal justice system and society in general upon the organization and everyday work of the probation service in England and Wales. These changes include a collapse in confidence in t

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