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Law of the Web: A Field Guide to Internet Publishing, 2003 Edition


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Book DescriptionMarket/Audience: Web Publishers - Internet Content Providers & anyone who publishes content to the Web, does business over the Web, and anyone who develops or maintains websites. Product Summary: Over the last two decades, theInternet has grown from a novel means of communication...

CIW Site Designer Certification Bible (With CD-ROM)

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From basic concepts to more technical topics, CIW Site Designer Certification Bible serves not only as a must-have for those taking the Site Designer exam, but an invaluable resource for anyone working on designing Internet sites in today"s business world. The book covers design methodology...

The Anarchist in the Library: How the Clash Between Freedom and Control is Hacking the Real World and Crashing the System

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From Napster to Total Information Awareness to flash mobs, the debates over who gets to control information and technology has revolved around a single question: How closely do we want the virtual world to resemble the real world? But while we weren"t looking, the opposite has happened: The...

Web Work: Information Seeking and Knowledge Work on the World Wide Web (Information Science & Knowledge Management)

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This book brings together three great motifs of the network society: the search for and use of information by individuals and groups; the creation and application of knowledge in organizations; and the fundamental transformation of these activities as they take place on the World Wide Web and...

On-line, On-time, On-budget: Titanic Lessons for the e-business Executive

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Titanic’s maiden voyage was a disaster waiting to happen as a result of the compromises made in the project. This book by IBM Senior e-business Consultant, Mark Kozak-Holland, explores how non-IT executives can take lessons from a nuts-and-bolts construction project like Titanic and use those...

Train of Thoughts: Designing the Effective Web Experience

В 1 магазине по цене 8025

Is creativity the enemy of usability? How do you judge the success of a person"s experience interacting with a web enterprise? Is the effectiveness of an online resource defined only by how "usable" it is? In Train of Thoughts, web strategy anddesign consultant John C. Lenker Jr...

Writing.Com: Creative Internet Strategies to Advance Your Writing Career

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This indispensable resource tells writers of all kinds how to take full advantage of Internet technologies and resources to improve skills, increase sales, and build recognition. Both experienced and novice writers will learn how to use cutting-edge tactics to uncover new domestic and international...

The Laws of the Web: Patterns in the Ecology of Information

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Despite its haphazard growth, the Web hides powerful underlying regularities -- from the organization of its links to the patterns found in its use by millions of users. Many of these regularities have been predicted on the basis of theoretical models based on a field of physics -- statistical...

Super Searcher, Author, Scribe: Successful Writers Share Their Internet Research Secrets

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The impact of the Internet on the writing profession is unprecedented, even revolutionary. Wired writers of the 21st century use the Internet to do research, to collaborate, to reach out to readers, and even to publish and sell their work. In this comprehensive reference, gems of wisdom are drawn...

Using Multimedia Tools and Applications on the Internet

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This text serves as a guide to the most widely used multmedia tools and applications for the Internet that are available either free or as inexpensive shareware. It includes a detailed explanation of each tool or application with step-by-step instructions for using them. It provides information...

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