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В книге раскрывается авторский взгляд на организацию и проведение тренингов. Помимо этого автор дает комментарии по сложным вопросам, связанным с динамикой группы и использованию "обратной связи". В книге представлен сценарий полного тренинга личностного роста "Вертикаль"...

Tales from the Playing Field: A New Strategy for Business Management Coaching

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Fictionalized account of James Treblid hired by MDL, a multi-national distributor of heavy equipment, to solve the company"s serious sales & service bottlenecks. Follow him as he threads his way through a tough corporate "culture"; enlists upper management support; puts together...

Distance Training : How Innovative Organizations are Using Technology to Maximize Learning and Meet Business Objectives

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Winner of the University Continuing Education Association"s Charles A. Wedemeyer Award, which recognizes highly meritorious book-length publications that advance research in independent study and distance education. "This manual is the one we have been waiting for! It takes dead aim at...

The Big Book of Customer Service Training Games

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Because they"re out there dealing with the public, frontline workers such as customer service representatives, salespeople, and technicians have the capacity to make a company look very bad... or very good. With the help of this creative collection of training games, you can be sure that your...

Great Session Openers, Closers, and Energizers: Quick Activities for Warming Up Your Audience and Ending on a High Note

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Here"s everything a speaker or trainer needs to keep the audience awake, alert, and involved. This fun-filled collection of can"t-miss activities contains the openers, closers, and energizers you can use to kick off each session with a bang, bring the audience back quickly should its...

The Complete Games Trainers Play, Volume II

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From the authors of the most phenomenally successful training series of all time comes a second huge collection of ice-breakers, brain teasers, problem solvers, and session closers that have been chosen to train for the skills today"s companies are seeking. Included are games that teach...

Training Games For The Learning Organization: 48 Experiential Learning Activities

McGraw-Hill , 1996

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48 games to stimulate learning. Now there"s whole range of fun, innovative, and concrete ways to dramatically improve the learning environment of any company. ITraining Games for the Learning Organization, by James J.Kirk and Lynne D.Kirk, gives you 48 exciting games to help employees learn in...

From Training to Performance Improvement

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Achieve measurable gains! Organizations are spending millions of dollars every year training employees. Yet why are organizations sending their employees to training? They often don"t know.Training is a quick fix; many managers don"t believe that it really works. But even if it...

The 2002 Annual, Volume 1, Training

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Wondering how you"ll meet the training demands of the new millenium? Here"s your answer. Join the thousands of trainers, consultants, facilitators, and managers who rely on the Pfeiffer Annuals year after year for up-to-date resources to make their organizations more effective. The...

Building High Performance: Tools and Techniques for Training and Learning

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Moving away from providing traditional training and development services, today"s training professionals increasingly focus on linking learning with job performance and business results. This book is an integrated collection of practical articles to assist trainers in making the transition...

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McGraw-Hill Companies

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Наиболее популярные авторы, которые наиболее часто встречаются, как авторы книг по теме Тренинги. Возможно, произведения этих авторов будут Вам наиболее интересны.

Carolyn D. Nilson
Margo Murray
Bob Pike, Lynn Solem
Melvin L. Silberman
Daniel, M.D. Farb

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