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Book DescriptionSince 2000, Ilkka Uimonen has been photographing the seemingly endless cycle of violence between Israelis and Palestinians--seeking all the while to illuminate both sides of the story. Surrounded by history, he represented the present, knowing that one could never truly photograph...

Shots of War: 150 Years of Dramatic Photography from the Battlefield


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For centuries, paintings of warfare were celebrated, glorified, and romanticized-until the invention of photography in the 1850s revealed war"s true face. Here, captured in some of the most dramatic photos ever taken, is the story of modern warfare, the photographers who risked their lives to...

Before (During) After: Louisiana Photographers' Visual Reactions to Hurricane Katrina


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Before (During) After is a visual and literary narrative of how Hurricane Katrina has transformed the work of twelve photographers from Southeast Louisiana: Jennifer Shaw, Frank Relle, Lori Waselchuk, Rowan Metzner, Samuel Portera, David Rae Morris, Jonathan Traviesa, Eric Julien, Zack Smith...

Through Soviet Jewish Eyes: Photography, War, and the Holocaust (Jewish Cultures of the World)


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Most view the relationship of Jews to the Soviet Union through the lens of repression and silence. Focusing on an elite group of two dozen Soviet-Jewish photographers, Through Soviet Jewish Eyes presents a different picture. These artists participated in a social project they believed in and with...

Berlin: The Freedom Beyond the Wall


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For forty years photography in Berlin was held hostage, like the city, in a heart-rending ideological struggle, a new war of representation, played out in large part via the image, still and in motion. Protagonist of the great season of photographic reportage in the democracies of the latter half...

Kerala : Of Gods and Men (Imago Mundi series)


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Book DescriptionThe music, dance, makeup, and colorful costumes displayed during the religious rituals of the Kerala people are vibrantly exhibited in this collection of photographs taken during moments of great celebration. Kerala"s history as the first Indian state to come into contact with...

Baghdad Truth Lies Within


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Book DescriptionTruth Lies Within tells the story of the people in the ancient city of Baghdad, before, during, and after the war that took place in Iraq in the spring of 2003. It tells the story of the fall of Saddam Hussein"s regime and of the chaos which accompanied the arrival of the...

Goodbye to London


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A decidedly edgy tenor permeated London"s counterculture in the 1970s. Pitched against the backdrop of massive unemployment, racism and IRA bombing campaigns, the city took on a bleak look that informed the aesthetics of Derek Jarman"s first Super-8 films, Homer Sykes" photographs of...

Phil Stern: A Life's Work


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Book DescriptionDrawn to the iconic figures and emblematic events of our age, celebrated photographer Phil Stern has documented World War II soldiers in combat in North Africa and Sicily, the luminous jazz legends of Verve Records, and Hollywood stars living the high life. Collected for the first...

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Sacha Craddock, Peter Cross, Homer Sykes
Giovanna Naldi, Francesca De Palma
Paul Brewer

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