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На этой страницы Вы найдете все цитаты, в которых упоминается тема rich. Это цитаты из различных книг, которые добавили наши пользователи. Воспользуйтесь вкладками, сортировкой по параметрам или поиском, чтобы найти интересующие Вас цитаты.

Travels with Charley: In Search of America

«They sat about the little paneled room, some in rocking chairs and three of the ladies on a couch. And the subtlety of their ostentation drew my attention. One of the ladies was making a sweater while another worked a puzzle, tapping her teeth with the eraser of a yellow pencil. The men talked casually of grass and water, of So-and-So who had bought a new champion bull in England and flown it home. They were dressed in jeans of that light blue, lighter and a little frayed at the seams, that can be achieved only by a hundred washings. But the studied detail did not stop there. Boots were scuffed on the inside and salted with horse sweat, and the heels run over. The open collars of the men's shirts showed dark red lines of sunburn on their throats, and one guest had gone to the trouble and expense of breaking his forefinger, which was splinted and covered with laced leather cut from a glove.»

«Travels with Charley: In Search of America» John Steinbeck

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Белый олеандр

«Белый олеандр» Джанет Фитч

"Время олеандров. Любовники, убивая друг друга, спишут всё на этот ветер."Под окном моей спальни растет белый олеандр. Его острые листья отбрасывают четкие графические тени на пол... Читать далее

JuliaStar JuliaStar3 дня 4 часа 2 минуты назад

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