Рецензия на книгу Fight Club

Бойцовский клуб (Fight Club). Адаптированная книга для чтения на англ. языке. Intermediate

  • Don't talk about Fight Club

    “The first rule about Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club. The second rule about Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.”

    Well, I guess I’m gonna have to break these rules.

    Romance. He says romance. And it makes me wanna quote Marla at her most hysterical times. Romance is nothing in this story. I didn’t like it. Not one bit. Not any of it. Romance. No romance for me.There are mems on the Internet comparing Twilight to any other love-story and saying anything was better than the vampire-human-werewolf triangle. I dare to disagree. I haven’t read Twilight. I’ve watched some films. Can't say I liked them. But. Twilight? Still a better love-story than Fight Club. I would cut out the last scene. I would burn it. Then burn the ashes. Romance, my ass.

    The book is a sort of an icon. Has been for lots of people. A dear person recommended it to me, so I had to read it. It’s well-written. The story’s well-told. The idea (for me, at least) is brand new on paper. It holds. It does catch attention. It does speed up. It centers around only the important moments. I wish I could write like that.

    But I hated it. Hated almost every page of it. I see no point in it. No meaning. Whatsoever. Destroy the old to make way for the new. Hit the bottom. You are not your name. You are not your wallet. We aren’t snowflakes and we aren’t sh*t. We just are. This is all true. People with brains in their heads know that.

    What was achieved? Army of psychos? Fear of responsibility? What changed? What was changed?

    Oh, wait. One thing caught my eye. Threatening to kill but not killing. That’s true - before the face of death we’re all naked. We can confess. We have to tell the truth. Because lying to look good doesn’t matter anymore. Because everything irrelevant falls away. Only the core remains. Only what makes you You remains. And again. People with brains in their heads know what makes the core of their being.

    Maybe everybody should know. Maybe everybody should find a brain. Maybe everybody should read Fight Club.

    But I suggest you watch the movie. One of the rare occasions.

    You know the deal: everybody breaks the first two rules. But you’d still better remember them.

    “The first rule about Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club. The second rule about Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.”

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